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Current Issue

January-March 2021| Vol 1| Issue 1

Presidentís Page

Indian academy of pediatrics cares for you - Birth of a new journal: Indian pediatrics case reports (IPCaRes)

This is a dream come true. Our beloved Ex-President Dr. Abdul Kalam rightly said that dreams are not what you see in sleep but are those that don't let you sleep. Moreover, this dream for launchin...

From the Editorís desk

Every story worth telling should be told

Do you remember the first time you authored a case report and got published in a reputed medical journal? Mine was in Indian Pediatrics when I was a senior resident. The diagnosis and management of th...

Case Report

A rare case of factor XIII deficiency presenting with scrotal hematoma in an adolescent

Background: Factor XIII deficiency is a rare disorder that may be congenital or acquired and is considered if a coagulation disorder is suspected, but the initial laboratory investigations are ...

Case Report

Bell's palsy in a child with acute viral hepatitis C infection

Background: Bell's palsy is the most common form of facial paralysis in children. Etiology of facial paralysis can be both congenital and acquired. Acquired facial paralysis in most cases i...

Case Report

Cerebral vasculitis in a case of henoch–Schönlein purpura: An unusual presentation

Background: Henoch–Schönlein purpura (HSP) is the most common vasculitis seen in children that rarely involve central nervous system (CNS) (0.65%–8%). Patients with CNS...

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Indian Pediatrics Case Reports, a publication of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, is a peer-reviewed print + online Quarterly journal.

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